For gemstones worthy of special distinction...

Appendix Letter


For special gemstones and jewelry, we offer an Appendix Letter that highlights the distinct attributes of the item. This exclusive, additional service is offered at the discretion of our head gemologist for pieces that merit it by meeting certain rarity criteria. An AGL Appendix Letter indicates a gem of significant rarity and importance. Each letter is personalized and starts with a brief background on the history of the mineral before delving into specific characteristics of the particular gem. It is accompanied by the corresponding Prestige Report and a high resolution photograph. All the components are presented in a custom, embossed folder made from high grade, sustainable materials.

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The format of the Appendix Letter allows us to expand upon the information presented in the Prestige Report. It is here that we might go into more detail about various features such as the origin or the color. Although we do not include trade terms about color on the Prestige Report, we may mention them on the Appendix Letter as long as the gem qualifies for such a call.  This includes terms such as “Pigeon Blood,” “Royal Blue,” and “Cornflower Blue.” The letter is also where we might go into more detail on the origin of a gem. On the Prestige Report, we only mention the country of origin but in the Appendix Letter, we might comment on the specific mine. Should a stone meet the requirements, we talk about the mines of Muzo and Chivor in Colombia and the Mogok mine in Burma.

Going into such details allows the Appendix Letter to highlight the aspects that distinguish exceptional gems.

Each Appendix Letter also includes a beautiful full page, high resolution image of the gemstone or jewelry piece. At AGL, we pride ourselves on the quality of photography on our reports, and the Appendix Letter is no exception. Beyond a simple representation of the item, our photographers turn gems and jewelry into pieces of art that are a sight to behold. Not only do they maintain the highest standard, but they continue to push the boundary in luxury photography, setting the bar for the industry.

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