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For those interested in a more simplified presentation of Identification and Enhancement, the AGL also has the reporting option of a GemBrief. GemBriefs are a credit card sized format that allows for a low-cost alternative without sacrificing the quality of analysis. Full Identification of an item is indicated and simplified Enhancement information is provided. The Identification and Enhancement information provided exceeds all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements for proper disclosure.

The GemBrief format and level of service does not quantify the extent of clarity enhancement or identify the specific filler(s) that may have been used, nor is the country-of-origin a part of this level of service. For such information, the level of service must be upgraded to the appropriate Prestige report. Size limitations do apply for specific gem varieties and additional testing requirements may also apply.

The information provided on each GemBrief includes a report number, the gemstone’s identification, measurements, carat weight, shape and cutting style, general color, enhancement information, and a digital image of the actual gemstone. The back of each GemBrief report provides variety specific information regarding mineral type, color range, history and localities from where the gem type is recovered. Also supplied on the back of the card is our consumer reference Enhancement Stability Index which ranks the stability of treatments under normal conditions of wear.


There are restrictions on the size of stones that we will accept for a GemBrief™ report.  Please see below for details.

Ruby, Emerald, Demantoid and Alexandrite from 0.25 - 2.99 ct

Blue Sapphire, Spessartite, and Spinel from 0.25 - 4.99 ct

Fancy Sapphire, Peridot, and Tanzanite from 0.25 - 9.99 ct

Other materials up to 20 ct

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