Country-of-Origin services at the AGL

An origin determination may be requested for an additional charge (see Fee Schedule here). However, we do not perform origin testing on all gem materials.

Once the service of an origin determination has been requested, the additional work/testing is performed. Two conclusions may be issued at the end of this testing:
1. A geographic location/origin is indicated
2. The geographic location/origin of the stone in question is currently not determinable

In either case, the fee for the origin work is charged. The cost of this service is based on the work that is put in and not on the result that is given. For more information on the AGL origin determination process and how we reach our conclusions, please visit here.


List of gem varieties where an origin determination may be requested:

Standard: We provide an origin determination on the following gem varieties/materials:

  • Sapphire (all colors)

  • Ruby

  • Emerald

  • Paraiba/Paraiba-type tourmaline

  • Alexandrite

  • Demantoid Garnet

  • Pink to Red Spinel

  • Cobalt Spinel

Occasional: We provide an origin determination on the following gem varieties/materials:

  • Opal

  • Cats-Eye Chrysoberyl

  • Spinel (colors other than pink to red and cobalt)

  • Hiddenite Spodumene

There are certain gem species and varieties that are produced in single locations or from a commercially significant/gem-quality standpoint, from only very limited sources.*

For such gem species/varieties (as indicated below), an origin will be indicated at no additional charge. For example:

  • Tanzanite (Tanzania)

  • Benitoite (USA – California)

  • Red Beryl (Bixbite: USA - Utah)

  • Tsavorite (East Africa)**

  • Pezzottaite (Madagascar)

If at any point in time other commercially significant gem-quality sources do become available, any or all of these gem species/varieties may be removed from this offer and the standard origin determination fees would then apply.

*This statement does not preclude the potential for any of these gem materials to also be found in other locations. When one of these gem species/varieties comes into the laboratory, the collected data is compared to known reference samples. An origin indication is offered free of charge in consideration of the lack of commercially significant gem-quality stones from other, potentially more obscure sources.

**For stones such as tsavorite, which are more regionally associated, the AGL utilizes the origin of ‘East Africa’. This includes Tanzania, Kenya, as well as Madagascar and potentially elsewhere -- however not including less well known locations.

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