Press Release – Consumer Alert

Industry groups have detected an increased supply of highly treated “Ruby” products in the marketplace. According to information gathered by various industry members, these lead glass filled red stones are being sold throughout the supply chain including in U.S. department stores, venues in the Caribbean and elsewhere.    These treated red stones have significant fissures filled with relatively large quantities of Lead Glass. They are often being sold as “Natural Rubies” without proper disclosure and most importantly with NO information on the required special care to maintain the appearance of the product.

Be Advised: This product is unstable and requires special care to avoid major and irreversible damage

To protect the consumer and the integrity of our industry we call upon the all sellers of this Composite Lead Glass “Ruby” Product - loose or in jewelry - to make the proper disclosures with the utmost clarity.

Failure to do so can directly lead to loss of consumer confidence not just for the Ruby market, but for all gemstones, including diamonds and jewelry. Additionally, it can result in potential legal action against merchants who fail to make the required FTC disclosures. Certain actions (heat or acid) that take place during repair or even normal wear can, and probably will, alter the appearance of these products, and render the jewelry unusable. Certain every day, common exposures to heat, acids and polishing can and probably will significantly alter the appearance and quality of these stones from their point of purchase. This could lead to potential legal action against sellers.